Ruth’s Method for making a hanging sleeve


This is the way I make my hanging sleeves as I like to hang them from the centre of the sleeve and make them ‘baggy’ so that they do not distort the upper part of the quilt.

Measure the width of the quilt from the inner edge of the binding on each side.

Cut a strip of fabric that length and 4 ½ “ wide (narrower if a miniature quilt).

Divide the length in half: this gives you two pieces.

Fold the edges in by ¼ “ and iron or finger press.   I do the narrow sides first and zigzag stitch them, then the longer sides. You now have two neat pieces.

Lay them onto the back from the binding and parallel to the upper border. There will be an inch gap between the two pieces.

Hand sew the two upper edges. I then fold them upwards onto the upper binding ( ¼ to ½ “) then fold them back onto themselves so that there is some ‘baggyness’ under the sleeves. I then sew the lower edges. This allows the quilt to hang without distortion and only needs one hook into the wall.

hanging sleeve

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