Exhibition at Midsomer Quilting

Today I visited Midsomer Quilting with two friends to see the exhibition by Jan Hassard of  some of her heritage quilts, together with many examples of her own work.

You really don’t want to miss this exhibition.  It is beautifully presented  and mixes the old with the new.  Among the heritage quilts are examples of French quilts, African American quilts, Canadian quilts, Welsh quilts and English quilts.  There is an example of french boutis quilting (all in white and charmingly displayed in front of a small window).

IMG_2992  IMG_2994

Jan is there most of the time and has a vast knowledge about her collection.  She is happy to tell you anything you might ask.  You are also able to don a white glove and inspect the backs of the quilts.  This is really worth doing as the back can be very revealing.  Feed sacks were sometimes used to back the quilts.

Most Bristol Quilters will be familiar with Jan’s own exquisite work and her quilts looked marvellous in this setting.  She is, of course, well known for her use of colour and the quilts are displayed to show this and to enable the visitor to marvel at the intricate patterns she creates.

I took the photos on my phone so, as always, apologies for the quality.

IMG_2993   IMG_2995

IMG_2991  IMG_2996


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