Bristol Quilters @ 35


We had a wonderful gallery at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show last week.  ‘Bristol Quilters @ 35’.   43 BQ members made a new quilt on the theme “Bristol” and here are the results!  A wonderful variety.

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Bristol Quilters is 35 years old this year and we have done a number of things to celebrate and mark the occasion.  Our finale is a gallery at The West Country Textile Show – “Bristol Quilters @ 35”.

All the quilts shown will be new work made specifically for this exhibition.

The theme is “Bristol” and we hope you will come and see the variety of interpretations by our members.  After the show the photographs of the quilts will be available here.


Bristol Quilters also decided to make a quilt this year to be donated to a charity for auction towards their funds.  The membership voted and the charity chosen is The One25 Project.  Lots of members have contributed to this quilt and it will be on show at the West Country Quilt Show.  This is a very worthy cause and you might like to take a look at their website:


This is a paragraph from their annual newsletter:

Thank you for supporting One25 this year. Whether you’ve prayed, baked, volunteered, donated, fundraised, partnered with us, or a combination of them all – your hard work and dedication has made a massive difference to vulnerable women in our city.

We celebrate the 55 courageous women who have broken free from the streets this year. That’s one third of the women that were street sex-working! Many more have taken brave steps and continue to receive unconditional care as we hold hope for them when they are not able to hold hope for themselves.

You believed in me when I had no hope and showed me respect and care. You’ve worked hard with me at my recovery. I couldn’t have asked for better support.” Rosie