The Chair’s challenge for 2022 was tell me your favourite song.  We were asked to  to make a 12″ x 12″ block depicting an album cover of our favourite song.  Below is a video of all the makes.  Enjoy!

January Blues Challenge

For the January Challenge each member was sent a fat quarter of blue fabric for the following challenge

With the blue fat quarter received for Christmas and using fabric from your stash:

  • Make a 12” x 12” square – finished and quilted
  • Use any technique or design – either try something new or something nice and easy
  • The challenge fabric must be visible on the front of the work

If you click on the link you can see all the challenge pieces made by our members which were revealed at our March Zoom meeting.
January Blues

Lockdown Challenge

During the first lockdown a challenge was set by the Committee.  The title of the challenge was “Di’s 3am Idea”.  The details were as follows:

Using the fabric in your stash:

  • Make a 12” x 12” block just using the colours denoted by the first letter of your first name (or the first letter of the name we know you by) and the first letter of your surname. e.g. Di Bell could be Damson and Blue, Trish Aldrick could be Turquoise and Apricot
  • A small amount of other colours or shades can be added but PREDOMINANTLY with the two colours of your letters.

Due to further lockdowns we had to do the reveal over zoom.  If you click on the following link you will be able to see the pieces made by members.  BQ Di’s 3AM Challenge

At our Christmas meeting this year the 2019 Chairman’s Challenge pieces were revealed.  The title of the challenge was Make a Line.  Below are some photos of the pieces.


Members voted for their favourites and the winners were Helen Thomas and Stephanie Crawford.  Pictures of their entries are below


Helen’s entry            Stephanie’s entry

At our October meeting the pieces for this year’s Chairman’s challenge were revealed.  The title of the challenge was Weather.  Members voted for their favourite and the winner was Stephanie Crawford.  Here are some photos of the pieces.




2018 Challenge

Theme:     Weather related

Size:           At least 12” square with no maximum size and any shape.

Details:     Some of the material you have been given must be used on the front of your work (and be recognisable).  You can use any technique you like.

Deadline:  September 2018 meeting

Participants can swap colours with other entrants or, should you want to purchase any more material, it is by Rose & Hubble (cotton spot) and more can be purchased from the Fabric Guild in Leicester and probably from other suppliers.

A prize will be given for the work that receives the most votes by members when the challenge pieces are displayed at the 2018 AGM.  There will also be a prize for the most popular piece made by a member taking part in the challenge for the first time.

Bristol Quilters celebrated 35 years since they formed and members made quilts on the theme ‘Bristol’


This was a challenge set by Stephanie Crawford when she was chair.

A picture was given to the first person in the group, they interpreted it and then gave the picture back to Stephanie and passed their quilt on to the second person who interpreted that and then passed the first quilt back to Stephanie and their quilt on to the next person, and so the challenge continued.  There were five people in each group.